Spanish & Portuguese | Seminar: Themes is Spanish Linguistics
S712 | 3919 | Clancy Clements

Professor Clancy Clements

TR 8:00am - 9:15am/section #3919/3 cr./Ballantine Hall 141

Seminar: Themes in Spanish Linguistics
Topic: Spanish and Portuguese in Contact with other Languages:
Contact-induced Language Change

	In this course, we will examine language contact situations
involving Spanish and/or Portuguese from the perspective of the model
of  contact-induced language changed developed by Thomason and
Kaufman (T&K)  (1988).  We begin by studying bilingualism and the T&K
model in some detail.  With this as a foundation, we then examine
numerous cases of language contact.  Some of these situations
include: Portuguese in contact with African languages, Spanish,
English, Amerindian languages, and  Portuguese-based creoles; Spanish
in contact with English, Amerindian languages, Portuguese, Arabic,
Basque, Gallego, Catalan, and Spanish-based creoles.  Some issues
involving language contact to be discussed include L2 acquisition
issues, sociolinguistics, language planning issues, etc.  Course
requirements include: assignments on readings, summarizing and
writing critiques of readings, a final paper project on one or more
language contact situations.