Spanish & Portuguese | Studies on Style
S777 | 3920 | Sobrer

Professor Josep Sobrer

TR 9:30am - 10:45am/section 3920/3cr./Ballantine Hall 221

Seminar - Studies on Style
Topic: Machismo

PLEASE NOTE: This topic is different from what appears in the
schedule of classes.

Is there a macho style in literature? From this simple question
all kinds of curiosities take off. Among them: Is all literature by
men machista? Is machismo related to a particular politics (i.e.
fascism) or psychology (i.e. sadism)? Can a woman write in a macho
style, a man in a non-macho style? How (in)dependent is the macho
style from a patriarchal world view? How have feminist critics
reacted to such style? What sorts of theories can be useful with
these curiosities? And assuming we understand what machismo is, what
then is style?
Clearly the approach to such large topic can only be partial.
The course will set out within a restricted orbit. We will read works
by Espronceda, Valle-Inclán (Sonatas, La Marquesa Rosalinda), Unamuno
(“Nada menos que todo un hombre”), “Víctor Català” (Solituid), Lorca
(“Romance sonámbulo”), Cela (Pascual Duarte), Buero-Vallejo (El sueño
de la razón), Llorenç Villalonga (Bearn, o la sala de las muñecas)
and probably others.
Students will work on a seminar paper related to either the
texts or the general topic. They will also be assigned critical and
theoretical readings and will take turns in presenting selections to
the class. There will be a coursepack with materials from such
critics as Theodor Adorno, Judith Butler, Brad Epps, Susan
Kirkpatrick, Julia Kristeva, Fredric Jameson, Marlon B. Ross, Eve
Kosofsky Sedgwick, Klaus Theweleit, and surely others.

Grades will be based on class participation and presentations
and the seminar paper.