H745 | 2765 | Bucur-deckard

4:00-6:00P     M     BH235

Topic: Cultural History and Memory
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Above section meets with HIST H720 and CULS C701

The aim of this seminar is to enable graduate students to write an
original research paper based on primary resources in the language of
their expertise.  For those interested in exploring the writing of
cultural history, this course will offer fundamental tools-theoretical
and methodological-needed to undertake research.  During the first
part of the semester we will read texts that have engaged in the
theorizing about and writing of cultural history.  The topics we will
cover range from cultural approaches to the history of everyday life
(Alltagsgeschichte) to intellectual history.  We will pay particular
attention to the ways in which cultural historians have engaged in
deconstructing the relationship between memory and history, especially
in the last two decades.  We will read selections from Tony Bennett to
Natalie Zemon Davis and Larry Wolff.  These texts will provide the
tools for finding and interpreting specific historical sources that
will become the foundations for writing an original research paper.

This course fulfills the seminar requirement for those pursuing a
major or minor in cultural history.