Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Organizational Leadership Development (1 cr)
R100 | 6453 | R Mull

Organizational Leadership Development
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Description:  This course is designed to allow students to experience
and learn leadership skills through their affiliation to a campus
organization.  The student's organization advisor will monitor the
tasks and responsibilities, assess progress, and evaluate the
leadership strengths and weaknesses of each student.  Throughout the
course, students will learn to recognize leadership components and
its unique skills that effectively impact desired goals.  A key to
this experience is the students' willingness to learn and take
responsibility for their assigned task and make a difference by
applying leadership skills in their organization's productivity.  The
intent of this course is to enhance the student's leadership
development through their involvement and commitment to a campus

Permission of recognized organization advisor from the department or
athletic coach is required.

Required Book:  Organizational Leadership Development, R. Mull and M.