Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Management of Parks & Recreation Facilities (3 cr)
R266 | 6481 | R Mull

Management of Parks & Recreation Facilities
8:00-9:15a     TR     BH 304

Description:  This course is designed to provide students with an
orientation into the various theories, structural makeup, design,
operations and functions as it relates to recreational facilities.
Following an overview of the foundations of management and its various
resources as they relate to facilities, the course will address
facility development, its use considerations, and auxiliary functions
that impact the manager's role.

A project will be required that will allow the student to work
independently in order to foster their insight to facilities and its
various components.  Visitations will be worked into the class so that
students will gain actual insignt to different facilities.  This total
experience will enhance the student's awareness and appreciation for
the extensiveness and diversity found in managing facilities.

Course Objectives:  (1) Learn unique terminology and theories
pertaining to facilities.  (2) Obtain insight to management resources
and how they relate to facilities.  (3)  Learn basic development and
design information.  (4) Learn basic information that relates to
auxillary facility operations and how they enhance the total facility

Required Book:  Introduction to Facility Management, A Reading and
Study Guide, by R. Mull.