Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Outdoor and Wilderness Programs: Organization & Leadership - CORE (3 cr)
R317 | 6444 | A Ewert

Outdoor and Wilderness Program: Organization & Leadership - CORE
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Authorization to register for this course must be obtained in advance
from the Department Chairperson in HPER 133.

The CORE program requires a four week group residence experience at
Bradford Woods, as well as intensive involvement in several field
trips or outings extending over a week in length.

Description: History, management, administration and current issues
involved with outdoor and adventure-based programs.  Understanding of
organizational involvement, social and ecological issues, development
of administrative and professional policy, management of programs, and
current research findings relative to outdoor and adventure

Additional Information:  This class must be taken concurrently with
corequisite courses associated with the CORE program (R100, R279,
R317, R317, R367, R402).  Food, transportation and Bradford Woods
lodging fees are extra and required.