Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Senior Seminar in Sports Management (1 cr)
R402 | 6516 | R Barcelona

Senior Seminar in Sports Management
12:20p-1:10p     F     HP 010

Description:  An exploration, examination and culminating discussion,
via the electronic classroom approach, of contemporary problems,
techniques and issues relating specifically to those competencies
required for a career in the field of recreational sports management.

Course Objectives:
1.  To identify the importance of recreational sports in the total
recreational program.
2.  To examine the required competencies of a professional in
recreational sports management.
3.  To examine a professional career in recreational sports
4.  To examine the future of recreational sports management.

Required Book List:
Readings packet available at various bookstores.  It is also strongly
recommended that you refer to previous course textbooks, especially
Recreational Sports Management by Mull, Bayless, Ross &

Summary of Assignments:  Attendance/participation, reaction reports,
reaction to others and portfolio/completion of 320 hours.