Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Organization and Management of Therapeutic Recreation Programs (3 cr)
R462 | 6523 | B McCormick

Organization and Management of Therapeutic Recreation Programs
11:15a-12:30p   TR HP 013

Description:  This course presents the foundation for systematic
program design, implementation and management.  Included is the
development of program protocols.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, students will:
1.  Demonstrate knowledge of the roles and functions of leisure,
health care, and human service systems, including TR's relation to

2.  Demonstrate knowledge of relevant guidelines and standards
related to the organization, management and delivery of TR programs.

3.  Demonstrate knowledge of the process of program development,
including program planning principles and protocol development.

4.  Demonstrate knowledge of program management principles, including
program evaluation, continuous quality improvement and quality
assurance, and risk management.

5.  Demonstrate knowledge of personnel management, including job
analysis, recruitment and selection, and personnel supervision.

6.  Demonstrate knowledge of principles and procedures related to
operation and care of resources including both facilities and fiscal

Required Book List:
O'Morrow and Carter.  (1997).  Effective Management in Therapeutic

Summary of Assignments:  Comprehensive program, program management
plan, personnel management policies, departmental budget and exams.