Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Management of Leisure Services (3 cr)
R466 | 6524 | B Beggs

Management of Leisure Services
1:00 - 2:15pm  TTH  HP013

Description:  An introduction to managing leisure service agencies
in a dynamic environment.  This course is designed to prepare
you for an entry level administrative position in a variety of
leisure related organizations. The skills identified for this
course are an introduction designed to expose you to issues and
challenges you will face in daily work.  The course focuses on a
municipal recreation department. The skills learned and applied
in this setting are transferable to any of the settings mentioned
above.  In many cases, the skills learned in this course will be
beyond those required for an entry level position.  This should
enhance your marketability as you begin the job search.

Required Text:  Student Manual and Workbook

Summary of Assignments:  This course will make regular use of
reading assignments, written work, group assignments, class
discussion, in-class presentations, and the like.  The course
will use a competency based approach to present the material.
Competency based assignments suggest that you will be asked to
show you can actually accomplish a task.  This verifies for the
instructor and the student the capability to perform a given task.
To that end, you will be provided with a series of assignments
throughout the semester.  You will need to respond to each exercise
in the time frame specified.  Each assignment will be graded and