Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Recreational Sports Management (3 cr)
R472 | 6526 | R Barcelona

Recreational Sports Management
11:15a-12:30p     TR     WH 008

Description:  Exploration of the basic competencies that pertain to
general composite functions that contribute to the effective and
efficient delivery of recreational sports programs.

Course Objectives:
1)  Develop insight & understanding of philosophical and management
approaches that relate to recreational sports administration

2)  Develop an understanding of and appreciation for the role of
recreational sports in society from a local, regional, national and
global perspective

3)  Develop a sound base of literature review and terminology relevant
to a variety of recreational sports settings

4)  Develop an understanding of the history and origins of
recreational sports within the physical education, recreation and
service professions

5)  Develop an awareness of problems and issues in current management
of recreational sports

Required Book List:
Mull, Bayless, Ross and Jamieson.  (3rd ed.).  Recreational Sport

Summary of Assignments:  Exams, philosophy paper, presentation,
article reviews, case studies class participation, quizzes, readings,