Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Research and Evaluation (3 cr)
R490 | 6527 | L Silverman

Research and Evaluation
2:30p-3:45p   TR   OP 111

Description:  This course introduces students to the methods and
techniques of research and evaluation as applied to recreation, park
and tourism services.  Students will learn how,why and when research
can be helpful and useful.

Course Objectives:
Working knowledge of research methodology and evaluation; enhance
understanding of scientific research and evaluation in the leisure
industry; apply research and evaluation methodology to leisure

Required Book List:
Neuman. (1997).  Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative
Approaches (Third Ed.).
Xeroxed booklet of readings and assignments.

Summary of Assignments:  Assignments, group worksteps, final
evaluation plan and quizzes.