Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Organizational Leadership for Leisure Services-CORE (3 cr)
R520 | 6533 | D McLean

Organizational Leadership for Leisure Services-CORE
2:30-5:00p     W     SY 002

Authorization to register for this course must be obtained in advance
from the Department Chairperson in HPER 133.

The CORE program requires a four week group residence experience at
Bradford Woods, as well as intensive involvement in several field
trips or outings extending over a week in length.

Description:  Organization and administration of public and
not-for-profit agencies, with emphasis on leadership and management
skills, including empowerment, leadership, envisioning, organizing,
quality, and contemporary management issues.  The CORE experience will
be an integrated part of the R520 course by providing an experiential
based platform for class discussion.

Summary of Assignments:  Full participation in all components of the
CORE program, including field trip experiences and activities.
In-class attendance mandatory when not on a CORE field trip.