Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Policy Studies in Outdoor Recreation/Environmental Management (3 cr)
R540 | 6537 | J Ridenour

Policy Studies in Outdoor Recreation/Environmental Management
2:30-5:00p     T     HP 195

Description:  This course is designed in a lecture/discussion format
with a variety of guest lecturers covering topics.  Such topics
include:  the introduction of wolves to Yellowstone, timber harvesting
policies and ecosystem management.  Concepts such as preservation
versus use will be explored.  The major federal land management
agencies will be compared and contrasted as we explore policy making.

Goals:  The goal will be to examine current issues and policy making.
I expect you to bring current issues to class for discussion purposes.

Required Book List:
Ridenour.  A Sand County Almanac:  Sketches Here and There; Aldo
Leopold, National Parks Compromised:  Pork Barrel Politics and the
Nation's Treasures.

Summary of Assignments:  Class participation, midterm paper,
presentations and take-home final.