Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Therapeutic Interventions with the Elderly (3 cr)
R566 | 6543 | L Huber

Therapeutic Interventions with the Elderly
1:00pm-2:15pm     TR     HP 019 :
This class meets with R366

Description:  This course is designed to give you a thorough knowledge
of the needs of older individuals as they participate in therapeutic
activity intervention.  You will develop your understanding of the
therapeutic intervention process and how treatment goals may be
reached through meaningful activity involvement using
therapeutic intervention.  You will consider professional practice
topics including assessment, activity planning and implementation,
evaluation and documentation, and ethical considerations within
standards of practice.  You will have an opportunity to apply what you
are learning through web-based class activities with the instructor
and other students, field observations, library research, and hands-on
experiences with older adults.

This will be an introductory level course for undergraduates in
the areas of gerontology and therapeutic recreation.  Graduate
students, or more experienced students, will explore the literature
and research in greater depth, have an opportunity to lead class,
and gain field work experience appropriate to their academic

Text Requirements:  Hawkins, B., May, M. & Rogers, N. (1995).
Therapeutic activity interventions with the elderly: Foundations and
practice.  State College, PA. Venture Publishing

The course requirements include four tests, a weekly journal and
practice, and three short projects.

The technical requirements for the web-based course include a pc
or mac with a modem and a current browser such as Internet Explorer or