History And Philosophy Of Science | Innovation Nation: History of Technology in the United States, 1776-Present
X100 | 2774 | Matt Adamson

Technology has always played a crucial role in the development of the
United States, and this course examines that role-it explores both
technological history and American history.  We will examine the
following subjects:  the industrial revolution in the American north,
technology and the Civil War, the tidal wave of American invention at
the turn of the century, the American drive to create technological
systems, the response of American artists to technology, the gendering
of domestic technology in the United States, American consumerism and
technology, the Cold War nuclear arms race, and recent American
critiques of technology.  ASSIGNMENTS include a series of short
essays, a final, longer essay, and a mid-term and final exam.
Attendance and active participation in class discussion also are also
important components of one's grade.