Medical Sciences | Human Physiology (4 cr.)
P431 | ALL | Schlegel

This is an introductory course in human physiology designed to
introduce the senior undergraduate student and Master's level graduate
student to the function of the human body.  This course provides a
basic understanding of human organ system function.  The emphasis is
on demonstrating how organ systems work to maintain homeostasis, a
constant yet dynamic internal state that enables us to deal with
diverse environmental conditions and activities.

Concepts are presented so as to provide students insight into the
scientific process, problem-solving, and knowledge of resources for
the study of human body in health and disease.  An opportunity to
explore physiological concepts through discussion and experimentation
is incorporated into the lecture format of this course.  Assignments
and exams include 7 laboratory reports, 7 discusion exercises, 4
semester exams and one comprehensive final exam.