Philosophy | Classics in the Philosophy of Art
P346 | 3212 | McCarty

This will be a course neither in art history nor in art criticism, although we will learn something of art's history along the way.  Our principal goal will be to learn to think and to write critically about art and philosophy.  We will not attempt a thor
ough cross-cultural survey of art.  Instead, we will make close, philosophical examinations of some of the most influential writings by philosophers about art, together with examples of art (e.g., Greek tragedy and German expressionism) about which or in
association with which those works were written.  Readings will include Plato's "Ion," Aristotle's "Poetics," Hume's essay on a "Standard of Taste," Schiller's "Aesthetic Education," Adorno's articles on television and ideology, and Collingwood's "Princip
les of Art."

We will have two written midterm examinations and a written final exam.  Occasional quizzes may also be administered.  There will be frequent, graded writing assignments.