Political Science | British Politics
Y331 | 3370 | Summers

	This course will survey the politics and government of the United
Kingdom.  In addition to acquainting ourselves with the British political
system itself, the course will give us the opportunity to examine Britain
from the perspectives of various theories of politics.  We will consider
issues such as Britain's changing structures of government; Conservatives,
Social Democrats, and the "Third Way"; Britain in (and out of) Europe; the
roles of class, race, gender in British politics; Northern Ireland;
individual and human rights; and other perennial and timely topics.  Much of
our focus will be upon situating Britain within comparative and theoretical
contexts, to reveal how understanding politics in Britain can help us to
understand politics more generally.  And finally, if current predictions
hold, we should also get the opportunity this semester to follow the run-up
to a British general election.