Political Science | War in Comparative Politics ( 3 Cr.)
Y657 | 3400 | Kasza

This is a seminar about war's effects on domestic political systems.  The
seminar will first spend 6 weeks or so reviewing the sparse but growing
literature on war in the comparative field.  The readings will cover war's
effects on:
	state building	
	political ideology
	the organization of parties and party systems
	civil liberties, including the right to vote
	interest groups
	public policy in fields such as welfare, labor relations,
	taxation, industrial development, and education
Most of this reading will cover the period from the Franco-Prussian War of
1870, which arguably introduced the era of mass war, to the present. Once
our joint reading has concluded, each student will do a research project on
how some aspect of war has affected some aspect of
domestic politics. You will circulate a 5-page synopsis of your work to the
class and then make a class presentation for comments and criticism.
The final work for the course will be a 20-25 pp. research paper.  You will
have great freedom in choosing topics and the country or countries on which
you work, and you may write on war's effects on American politics if you
wish.  The one condition is that your argument must run from war to domestic
politics---the course will not cover the ways in which domestic politics may
cause wars.