Political Science | Public Law and Policy (3 Cr.)
Y665 | 3403 | Hettinger

This course is a graduate introduction to the American courts as political
institutions and policy-making bodies.  The course will place a heavy
emphasis on the United States Supreme Court, but we will also discuss the
lower federal courts and state courts.  We will begin by examining theories
of individual and group decision-making.  We will also examine the
policy-making implications of these theories.  Finally, we will read works
that assess the policy-making capabilities of the courts.
Participants in the seminar will be asked to prepare weekly comment papers,
make one in-class presentation on the assigned readings and write a research
Books for the course will include:
Gerald N. Rosenberg
, The Hollow Hope: Can
Courts Bring About Social Change?
Lee Epstein and Jack Knight, The Choices Justice Make
Jeffrey Segal and Harold Spaeth, The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model
Lawrence Buam, The Puzzle of Judicial Behavior