Psychology | Introductory Psychology 1
P101 | 3423 | S. Keen

P101 is the first course in the Psychology Department's introductory
sequence, and provides an introduction to experimental psychology as
a natural science.  The topics covered include the history of
psychology, experimental methods, physiological psychology, sensation
and perception, learning and memory, motivation, and emotion.  It will
provide students with a working knowledge of the various fields of
psychology including their theories, research, and application.  Thus,
the focus of the course is an overview of the biological bases of

Format:  The format of the class is restricted to lecture.  However, I
encourage students to ask questions in class, as well as discussion
with students after class and during office hours.

Tests and Grading:  Course grades are based on short in-class quizzes
and 4 (out of 5) multiple-choice exams.

Required Text:  Rathus, S.A. (1999). Psychology in the New Millennium,
7th Ed.
Recommended Text:  King, G. Rathus, S.A., & Nesmith, R.N. (1999).
Study Guide.