Psychology | Intro to Psychology II for Majors
P152 | 3433 | P. Finn

1.  Purpose and overview:
The purpose of this course is to provide students with a sound
background, general knowledge, and appreciation of psychological
theory and research in the areas of Developmental, Personality,
Health, Social, and Abnormal Psychology. Much of this material is very
interesting and highly relevant to our daily lives. Another goal of
this course is to teach students how to think conceptually, how to
take multiple choice exams, and how to think critically about
psychological research and theory. The scientific method is emphasized
as a means of understanding human behavior (cognition, emotion, and
behavior) and as a tool for addressing important questions about the
origins of and influences on human behavior. Evaluation is based on
performance on class quizzes, the 4 best out of 5 exams, and brief
homework assignments.

2.  Required Text: Zimbardo, P.G., & Gerrig (1999). Psychology and
Life. Addison, Wesley & Longman.