Psychology | Language and Cognition
P438 | 3471 | D. Pisoni

P438 is an introductory survey course on selected topics in the field
of Psycholinguistics including research, theory and methodology.
Major emphasis will be placed on the contribution of linguistic theory
to the psychological study of language behavior and complex cognitive
processes.  Topics to be covered in the course include: (1) design
features of human language, (2) linguistic descriptions and linguistic
theory, (3) biological basis of language, (4) grammars, (5) speech
perception, (6) spoken word recognition and lexical access, (7)
psychological studies of  grammar, (8) language comprehension, (9)
language acquisition and (10) reading.  Finally, several applied
topics such as man-machine communication via natural language and
communication aids for the handicapped will be considered.  No
previous knowledge of linguistics is assumed; prior background in
Cognitive Psychology (i.e., P335) would be very helpful.

Required Books and Materials:

1.  Carroll, D. W.  Psychology of Language, 3rd Edition:  Brooks/Cole,
1999. (Hardbound Textbook).  Hereafter referred to as "DWC."

2.  Denes, P. & Pinson, E.  The Speech Chain.  (2nd Edition). New
York: W.H. Freeman, 1993. (Paper).  Hereafter referred to as "D&P."

3.  Wang, W., S-Y. (Ed.) The Emergence of Language: Development and
Evolution. New York: Freeman, 1991. (Paper).  Hereafter referred to as

4.  Pisoni, D. B. (Ed.) Course Notes for Psychology P438 "Language &
Cognition, 2001." Hereafter referred to as "NTS."  (IU Bookstore)

Requirements of P438:

1.  Attend lectures, read all assigned reading materials as scheduled,
work on homework problems when assigned and take all written

2.  Examinations:  There will be three written examinations in this
course.  These consist of short answer and essay-type questions based
on the material in class lectures and the required reading
assignments.  Your final grade in the course will be based on your
performance on all three of these exams. For students taking this
course for graduate credit, there is an additional requirement of a
short review paper due on the last day of classes.  Please see me for
additional details about this requirement if you are a graduate
student registered in this course for graduate credit.