Slavic Languages & Literatures | Topics in Slavic Linguistics
L603 | ALL | Feldstein

If there is sufficient enrollment for this course, it will be
devoted to a study of the phonological and morphological theories of
Roman Jakobson.  The development of Jakobson's thought on this subject
will be considered, and his conception of morphophonemics will be jux-
taposed to the leading Russian phonological theories of this century,
including that of the Moscow Phonological School.  In the area of pho-
nology, Jakobson's theory of distinctive features will be examined and
compared to later evolutions of the same theory, which modified Jakob-
son's original idea of using the same features for both vowels and
consonants.  Jakobson's morphophonemic and morphological theories will
be studied on the basis of such works as "Russian Conjugation," and the
Russian paper, "Morfologicheskie nabljudenija nad slavjanskim sklone-

Several linguistic studies by Roman Jakobson, written in both
English and Russian, will form the core readings for this course.  They
will be supplemented with articles by Morris Halle, N.S. Trubetzkoy,
and others.