Slavic Languages & Literatures | Advanced Russian Syntax and Stylistics
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Class objective:
	The principal objective is to give students an overview of Russian
functional communicative styles and to make them familiar with their
syntactical  and semantic configurations. A focus of the class is the
analysis of the primary  sources. English translations are banned from this
course, all references are given  to the original. Texts (R-501 collection)
are available from the University Copy  Center. Each thematical issue
includes exercises, individual oral presentations,  and written summaries of
the subject. For every thematic cluster, every student  will be asked to
make one formal in-class presentation of approx. 10 mins.  length. and to
produce its written summary of approx. 4 pages length. The final grade  for
the course is cumulative. Grades are based upon the following rationale:
Quizzes and weekly discussions--25% Oral presentations--25% Written
summaries --25%  each. The final take-home exam --25% of the final grade.

The main thematic clusters of the course:
1.	Dominant functional styles of contemporaty Russian  Texts and
textbooks:  D. Rozental', Prakticheskaia stilistika, R-501 collection.
2.	Russian colloquial styles: varieties of emotional and evaluative
connotations in Russian phraseology  Texts and textbooks: Rozental', R-501
3.	Poetic discourse vs the academic style. System of poetic tropes.
Professional terminology of various literary approaches. R-501 collection
4.	Compound and coordinated sentences Stylistical synonymy. Rozental'
5.	Stylistical patterns of contemporary Russian media (radio, TV,
newspapers.) Prepositions and conjunctions in  time-spatial constructions.
Rozental', R-501 collection.
6.	Literary stylization. R-501 collection
7.	Varieties of Russian rhetorical styles  R-501 collection.