Sociology | Social Change
S215 | 3661 | Calvin Odhiambo

This course starts from the premise that every society is
characterized by aspects of social change.  Social change occurs in
all societies as a continuous process that is manifested by
alterations in social relationships.  These relationships occur within
different organizations, institutions, and cultures.  Explaining
changes within these spheres will be an important goal of this course.

Even though the United States will be used as the main point of
departure, this course will also consider changes occurring around the
world, comparing entire countries or societies with each other.  This
is done with the understanding that social change is a global
phenomenon and must therefore be considered within an international

Particular attention will be paid to general theories of social
change, concepts such as industrialization, modernization and
urbanization, and changes in the family, religion, education, politics
and economy.