Sociology | Sexual Diversity
S321 | 3676 | Martin Weinberg

Former Title was Variations in Human Sexuality I

A sociological examination of variations in several dimensions of
human sexuality: sexual definitions (e.g., notions of "deviance"), the
prevalence of various behaviors (e.g., premarital coitus), the
intensity of sexual response (e.g. female orgasm), sexual object
choice (e.g. homosexuality), and other modes of sexual expression
(e.g. fetishism).  Note:  Sexual language and sexually explicit videos
on a wide range of sexual behaviors are part of the course.  Please do
not sign up for this class if these aspects of the course will offend

GOAL:  Lectures providing sociological frameworks for a broad range of
topics in the area of human sexuality.

READING:  Assigned--Bryan Strong and Christine De Vault, Human
Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America, 3rd edition (plus study
guide), Mayfield Publishing, 1999.

Recommended-Judith Mackay, The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior.
Penguin, 2000.

GRADES:  There will be three examinations, each counting one-third
toward the course grade.