Sociology | Introduction to Social Organization
S510 | 3706 | Clem Brooks

This course is an advanced introduction to the study of a wide-ranging
set of areas in sociology that are classified within the IU Sociology
curriculum as "social organization."  Because the scope of this course
has traditionally been understood as including (but not being limited
to) the study of institutions, inequality, and politics, we have an
unusual opportunity to investigate theory and research in a broad
array of sub-fields.  These include organizational theory and
contemporary debates involving social network approaches, traditional
institutional theory, and the "new" institutionalism; debates over
rational choice models in economic sociology; race, class, and gender
inequalities; the study of political change; culture; and new
directions in the analysis of globalization.  Our goals will be to
develop a working overview of these areas, while also adding to our
toolkits of concepts, models, and interpretative strategies with which
to do research.  Throughout the course, we will also identify the
scholarly debates that hold the most promise for developing our own
research program.