Speech & Hearing Sciences | Phonetics of American Speech
S111 | 3929 | Shrivastav, R.

Provides a basic understanding of general linguistic concepts
in relation to phoneme production in single words and connected
speech of Standard American English.  2) Provides opportunities
to develop transcription skills using the International Phonetic
Alphabet (IPA).  Readings include: "Clinical Phonetics" by
Shriberg and Kent (required); Accompanying 4 volume audiotape set
(recommended); "Phonetic Symbol Guide" by Pullum and Ladusaw
(supplementary not required).  Requirements:  Hearing screening
through the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences; 11 quizzes,
lowest one dropped; 2 exams; Journal to be kept of dialects, uses of
IPA, etc.; Reading of one related journal article and written
comments; final exam.