THTR T115 Sec. 4119-4120

Oral Interpretation

Section 4119- 1:00-2:15p TR 3 cr. hrs.

Section 4120 - 2:30p-3:45p TR 3 cr. hrs.

Fulfills AHLA Requirements

This class is based on the idea that literature is an expression of profound human experience, and that the best way to share personally meaningful literature is to read it aloud to another person. The subject of this course is the analysis and public sharing of selections of poetry, prose, and drama of the students' own choosing. Consequently, the course requires substantial time outside of class devoted to reading collections of prose, drama, and poetry in the search for important, interesting, and artistically satisfying selections for interpretation. Oral Interpretation is not an acting class, though it is a performance class. It is not a course on public speaking, though students will work to develop their speaking skills. It is not a literature class, though considerable time will be spent discussing form, style, and genre.

Yordon, Judy R. Roles in Interpretation. 3rd ed.
ASSIGNMENTS: There will be four major interpretation projects, each requiring a written analysis and a formal in-class performance. Due to the nature of the course, good attendance and active participation are required.
EXAMS: The last interpretation project of the semester will be conducted by small groups and will serve as the final examination for the course..