THTR T220 Sec. 4138-4141 M. McGibbon

Acting 2

Section 4138 MW 2:30p-4:15p This section intended for majors.

Section 4139 MW 4:30-6:15

Section 4140 TR 12:30-2:15p

Section 4141 TR 2:30-4:15p

One more section to be added 10-1-00

Prerequisites: THTR T120 and instructor recommendation

Course Objectives: 1. An exploration of physical and vocal exercises to facilitate relaxation and self-awareness. 2. A basic approach to scene analysis in order to reveal behavioral clues, stimulate the imagination, and create identification with the characters in the play. 3. A continued search for playable truth in a scene through he use of GOTE, physical and sensory exploration, and approaches to character identification through compilation of a character sketch and the creation of a collage. 4. Application of the above goals through selection, rehearsal, presentation and reworking of a poem, two scenes, and one monologue. 5. The observation of actors in performance leading to written comments on the choices they made in developing their role. TEXTS: The Actor's Scene Book, M. Owen Introduction to Acting, S. Kahan and K W Prugg