THTR T550 Sec. 4169 D. Reardon

Structure of Drama

11:15a-12:30p TR 3 cr. hrs.

Structure of Drama is an intensive course in textual analysis which often focusses on "cutting edge" contemporary American dramatists such as Sam Shepard, Richard Nelson, Craig Lucas, Constance Congdon, Eric Overmyer, and Len Jenkin. But, the course feels free to draw upon canonical classics from giants such as Euripides, Shakespeare, and Georg Buchner.

In its largest sense, Structure of Drama attempts to examine what theatre has been, what it seems to be, and what it could become. We examine the intricate connections between what a playwright thinks and feels and the way he or she manipulates form to project those thoughts and emotions.

Though the course has obvious relevance for specialists in various areas of theatre and drama, it benefits from and welcomes the participation of graduate students from English, Comparative Literature, Anthropology, Semiotics, Fine Arts, and any other discipline interested in mimetic and non-mimetic representation of life upon the stage.

Various, often including Fool for Love (Shepard), Tales of the Lost Formicans (Congdon), and Anti-Naturalism (ed. C. Gould).
PAPERS: a series of seven or eight two-page responses.
Usually, two exams: a mid-term and end-of-course exam.
Some semesters, one student oral presentation; attendance at IU University Theatre productions expected.