West European Studies | European Conflicts in the 20th Century
W405 | 4192 | Ipsen

Prof C. Ipsen   2:30-4:25p   R   BH 016
Obtain online authorization from department

This course will explore a host of European twentieth-century
conflicts from a variety of perspectives. The curriculum will be
largely student-driven. We’ll spend the first couple of weeks reading
Eric Hobsbawm’s Age of Extremes. At the same time, students, in
groups, will select and focus on a specific conflict. These  might
range in time and space from the Russo-Japanese War to the trouble in
Northern Ireland. They will hopefully also include colonial
conflicts. Some may chose to focus on military issues and others on
the social and cultural ramifications and accompaniments of conflict.
Each group will generate a bibliography and common reading assignment
on their conflict. Those assignments will then make up the syllabus,
each one serving as the material for one week’s class (at which the
group in question will do the presentation). The bibliographies will
serve as the basis for the students’ final papers. Students will also
file occasional progress reports and be responsible for a series of
brief quizzes. This class is meant to appeal to upper-division
students in History (or other departments) as well as MA students in
West European Studies and the Russian and East European Institute.
Grading standards will be different for UG and MA students.