West European Studies | The French and Algerian War
W605 | 4204 | Douglas

Prof A. Douglas   2:30-4:25p   T   WH 109
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The French and Algerian War, one of the longest wars of the past half-
century, was a colonial revolt that led to a virtual civil war
between Frenchmen and the creation of the French Fifth Republic.
Issues like the systematic use of both terror-bombings (the
Algerians) and torture (the French) made the war the focus for debate
by intellectuals on the morality and politics of modern conflict.  In
addition to looking at the course of the war, from 1954 to 1962,
this course will examine the writings of major public intellectuals
on the war including Sartre, Fanon, and Camus and politicians like De
Gaulle and Ben Bella.
The course assumes no previous knowledge of either French or North
African history and will consist of a mixture of lectures and class