Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Interior Design II Space Design
H272 | 0542 | Benhamou

Meeting Day and Time:  M, W, 1 4

Course Description and Content

Introduction to fundamentals of space design for human
activity;  space standards, programming, and graphic
communication.  Lab fee required.  P: H271;
Co Req:  H264, H277

Required Texts and Readings:

Dong, W.  (1997).  Color Rendering: A Guide for Interior
Designers and Architects.  New York: McGraw Hill

Reznikoff, S. C. (1986).  Interior Graphics and Design
Standards.  New York: Whitney Library of Design

Panero, J. and Zelnik, M. (1979).  Human Dimensions &
Interior Space.  New York: Watson Guptill

Outline Course Requirements

Individual and team exercises (anthropometric, rendering, concept
development, 3 D visualization)  Individual and team design projects:
office, dwelling.  Portfolio submission.

Other Comments:

Uses tools and materials required in H168 and H271.  Other
items may be needed to complete and present assignments.