Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | History of Textiles and Costume II
H340 | 0457 | Rowold

Meeting Day and Time:  M, W 4-5:15

Course Description and Content

P:  H100, H203

History of textiles and costume in Western Civilization relating to
social, economic, political and religious events in 18th-20th
centuries; emphasis on the emergency and evolution of the haute

Required Texts and Readings

Payne, B., Winakor, G. and Farrell-Beck, J.  The History of Costume.
Second Edition.  New York:  Harper Collins Publishers Inc., 1992.

Stegemeyer, A.  Who's Who in Fashion.  Third Edition.  New York:
Fairchild Publications, 1994.

A variety of readings will be distributed in class.

Recommended Text:

Ewing, E.  History of Twentieth Century Fashion.  Revised by Alice
Mackrell.  London:  B.T. Batsford Ltd., 1992.

Course Requirements

Student evaluation is based on four objective exams; a final essay
exam; a written paper-costume analysis; and four revival study essays.