Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Interior Design VI Senior Project
H476 | 0483 | Landis

Meeting Day and Time: M, W, 9:00-12:05

Course Description and Content

Design of habitats and work spaces for special populations; eneration
and completion of senior projects. Lab fee required.

Required Texts and Readings

De Chiara, Joseph, Julius Panero and Martin Zelnik. (1991) Time Saver
Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning. McGraw Hill, Inc.

Panero & Zelnik, (1979), Human Dimension and Interior
Space.  New York:  Whitney

Reznikoff, S.C., (1986), Interior Graphic and Design
Standards.  New York:  Whitney

Reznikoff, S.C., Specifications for Commercial Interiors. New York:

Riggs, J.R., Materials & Components of Interior Architecture. Upper
Saddle River, N.J.:  Prentice Hall

Outline Course Requirements

2 comprehensive design projects (likely to be 1 individual, 1 team),
relevant exercises and assignments inside and outside of class.
Project requirements are sizeable, and will require dedicated effort
both inside and outside of class.  Students will be required to set
and be accountable for their own project activity schedules.