Anthropology | The Primates
B466 | 0403 | Hunt

Fleagle's Primate Adaptation and Evolution is an upperclass/graduate level
seminar meant for advanced bioanthropology undergraduate majors and
graduates with a research interest in primate behavior and ecology.  In
this class we will work our way through John Fleagle's "tour de force"
Primate Adaptation and Evolution over the semester.  Among the issues
Fleagle addresses are the evolution of primate feeding strategies, primate
functional anatomy, the evolutionary and ecological bases of sociality,
evolution of territoriality and primate phylogeny are covered in the text.
Familiarity with primate taxonomy, socioecology and evolutionary theory
will be helpful.  Anthropology B368/568 is a prerequisite.  Grades will be
awarded on the basis of discussion, attendance and an exam.