E319 | 9289 | Thomas

2nd 8 weeks course

Students will learn how various American Indian religions function within
a tribe or tribes, how they are related, or not related, to one another
(traditional vs. peyote vs. Western's Christianity and so forth); and how
each entity is understood from urban, rural and reservation Native
perspectives.  Roles, duties and functions related to religions will be
explored in reference of gender and sexual identities, and how they are
played out in different tribal, Indian cultural and social arenas.
Presentations will be done through tribal lenses.

Grading System:
Assigned Lead Discussion/Reading 	20%     200 points
One 10 Page Research Paper      	20%     200 points
2 Quizzes (Unannounced)			10%	100 points
Mid-Term & Final Exams	(20 pts ea)	40%     400 points
Daily Class Participation & Attendance  10%	100 points
TOTAL				       100%   1,000 points