Anthropology | Indians of North America
E320 | 0408 | De Mallie

This course meets the University's culture requirement.  It is designed to
introduce students to the diversity of cultures in native America north of
Mexico.  It focuses on culture patterns from the time of earliest European
contact until the mid-nineteenth century, but also considers traditional
culture among contemporary native Americans.  Readings provide a general
orientation to the study of Eskimo and American Indian lifeways as well as
a number of case studies.  Lectures discuss the methods used by
anthropologists for studying native American cultures and societies.
Fundamental concepts of cultural and social anthropology are presented
throughout the course to serve as the means for understanding native

Grades will be based on four short quizzes and two examinations designed to
test the students' knowledge of information about Native American peoples as
well as their comprehension of and ability to use the theories and methods
of anthropology presented in class lectures and readings.  Graduate students
will develop term paper topics in consultation with the instructor.