Anthropology | Peoples of Brazil
E322 | 0409 | Brondizio

A nation of contrasts and colors, richness and poverty, diversity and
unity, Brazil just completed 500 years since first colonized by Portugal.
This course aims to introduce you to contemporary Brazilian life by
focusing on four main interrelated topics: history and economy
(colonization, economic cycles, nationhood, government), geography
(environment and demography), ethnographic accounts (social life, work,
cultural diversity), and cultural analysis (interpretations of Brazil).

The course is primarily based on readings (textbook and
ethnographic accounts), while incorporating films, guest lectures, and a
bit of music (as it expresses the "soul" of the Brazilian people). I
expect you to leave this course with an understanding of landmark issues
characterizing Brazilian history, economy, and geography, to grasp the
diversity in Brazilian's life style through ethnographic accounts from
different regions and people, and to know historical trends on the
"interpretation of Brazil" on its own and in the context of Latin America.

Grading Policy:
Mid term exam: 30% (history, geography, demographics)
Ethnography report and class presentation: 30% (each student - working
with a group - will be responsible for at least 1 ethnography, and various
short readings/discussion)
Final exam: 30% (concept and discussions from articles)
Class participation: 10% (attendance and participation in class