Anthropology | SEM: American Indian Men
E600 | 0418 | Thomas

This class will address the issues of how duties and roles of men
have changed in various American Indian tribes in the United States.
American Indian gender theories and Indigenous historical concepts of
masculinity, maleness, manliness, warrior status and others will be
explored and thoroughly discussed.  Each student will be assigned two or
more chapters to review and conduct a presentation in the classroom based
on their readings.  Six books will be used by undergraduate students and
eight for graduate students' books.  In addition, students will be
assigned to attend various cultural events to analyze the roles of men in
each setting.  Other media sources will be used, i.e., films, video and so
forth, throughout the semester.

Class requirements: Class presentations; active class participation;
attendance is essential; meet with the Professor four times; thoroughly
read the listed books and assigned handouts; and four short papers on
assigned topics.  Undergraduates will do a ten-page research paper and
graduate students will be assigned twenty pages.