Anthropology | Late Prehistory of Africa
P315 | 0433 | Munson

The regional scope of the course will be the entire African continent,
although for much of the second half (African Iron Age and later) the
emphasis will be largely sub-Saharan Africa).  The primary content of the
course will be a survey of the prehistoric cultural patterns of this area
from about 20,000 years ago (pre-ceramic Later Stone Age) through the
ceramic Later Stone Age ("African Neolithic"),  Iron Age, and
proto-historic/initial historic period.  For each of these periods or
stages the cultural patterns will be examined in regard to their material
characteristics and environmental adaptations.  Environmental factors,
technological developments, migrations or expansions of cultural groups,
and diffusion of ideas will be discussed as mechanisms to explain cultural
characteristics and cultural continuity and change.

Course Requirements:
Geography Quiz
Mid-term Exam
Final Exam
Paper (req. for grads, optional for undergrads)