Biology | Molecular Biology
L211 | 0570 | Malacinski, G

Course format: Lecture: 8:00A-8:50A, MWF, JH 124. In addition to lecture,
students are required to attend a one hour per week learning group (times
to be arranged).

Requirements:  P: Biol L112.

Course description: Structure and function of macromolecules (DNA, RNA, and
protein), including chemical and physical properties, and roles they play
in cellular metabolism. The synthesis of those macromolecules (DNA
replication, transcription and translation) reviewed in detail.  Genetic
engineering and regulation of gene expression discussed.

Required text:  "Essentials of Molecular Biology", by G.M. Malacinski,
third edition. "Student Manual for Essentials of Molecular Biology", by
G.M. Malacinski.

Weekly assignments: Weekly worksheets (problems).

Exams/papers: Three one-hour exams plus final.