Biology | Genetics
L311 | 0580 | Strome, S

Course format: Lecture: 11:15A-12:30P, TR, JH A100.  In addition to
lecture, students much attend a 50-minute collaborative learning group each
Monday during a class period between 10:10A and 4:30P.

Course description: Analysis of genetic and developmental processes that
lead to the construction of whole organisms, and to the transmission to
their offspring of specific genetic traits.  Includes principles of
genetics, genomics, mutagenesis, chromosomal abnormalities and analysis of
mutations affecting development.

Required text: "Modern Genetic Analysis" by Giffiths, Gelbart, Miller and

Weekly assignments: Read one-two chapters in text; complete two-three-page

Exams/papers: Three exams, comprehensive final exam, and weekly worksheets.
Exams are given from 7:00P-9:00P on Thursday Feb. 7, Mar. 7, and Apr. 11.
The final is at the regularly scheduled two-hour slot during finals week.