Biology | Developmental Biology
L317 | 0583 | Raff, E

Course format: Lecture: 1:00P-2:15P, TR, JH A106.

Requirements:  P: Biol L311 or S311.

Course description: L317 emphasizes analysis of developmental processes
that lead to the construction of the whole organism from a single cell, the
fertilized egg. The course is designed to present the basic principles of
animal development.  We will not study the complete embryology of any one
organism; rather, we will consider examples of developmental processes in
many different organisms in order to gain an understanding of fundamental
cellular, genetic, and molecular mechanisms that underlie development in
all animals.  In L317 we will address questions in development from
multiple points of view; we will consider embryological mechanisms at the
cellular and molecular level, and we will also consider how aspects of life
history and evolution impinge on our understanding of developmental biology.

Required text: Scott F. Gilbert, "Developmental Biology", Sixth edition (2000).

Weekly assignments: A written homework assignment every week except weeks
in which there is a unit exam.  Written assignments vary and include
problem sets, short questions on topics covered in class, and readings in
the primary literature.

Exams/papers: Three unit exams plus comprehensive final.