Chemistry | Special Topics in Chemistry
C498 | ALL | Carroll

Prerequisites:  consent of instructor, section authorization required.

Topics in chemistry and biochemistry that vary with each offering of this

Topic:  Polymer Chemistry
The student will learn about:  1) polymer types and methods of industrial
synthesis; 20 measurement and utility of polymer properties; 3) common
of design, compounding and fabrication of plastic articles; 4) public policy

issues related to plastics, especially water disposal and recycling.

Specific sections of the course will include:  chemical and physical
properties; molecular, micro and macro scale; thermoplastics, thermosets and

elastomers; addition polymers, step-growth polymers, polymerizartion
additives and compounding, extrusion and molding techniques.  The successful

student will be able to explain the origin of everyday plastic articles and
packaging, and will be comfortable in technical conversation with
representatives of industrial manufacturers of plastics.

May be repeated with different Topic for the maximum of 3 hours.