Criminal Justice-COAS | Correctional Treatment
P300 | 1431 | Jeffrey Bouffard

This course will examine issues related to the implementation and
effectiveness of various correctional treatment programs, including
the history and purpose of correctional treatment interventions;
characteristics and responsibilities of treatment staff; and the role
of assessment, prediction, and classification in offender treatment.
Topics will also include the major categories of treatment, such as
the psychoanalytic, humanistic, radical behavioral,
cognitive-behavioral, group and family approaches to treatment.  The
course will also examine treatment interventions for specific
populations of offenders, including juvenile offenders, drug-involved
offenders, sexual offenders, and mentally ill/disabled offenders.

Class Meeting:  Thursday, 4:00 - 6:30 p.m., MO 007

Instructor:  Jeffrey Bouffard, criminal justice department