Criminal Justice-COAS | Corrections
P303 | 1432 | George Kakoti

The field of corrections is taking on even greater significance as the
world-leading U.S. prison population continues to set new records.
This course set out to introduce students to the functions of and
problems relating to institutional corrections-those institutions that
process, house and deal with offenders who have been sentenced by the
Courts to incapacitative punishment-such as jail, prison, or death. We
will analyze the decision making processes, including legal and public
policy aspects that determine who gets this punishment and who
doesn't. We will examine the history, philosophical foundations and
organization of custodial punishment. We will study how other arms of
the Criminal justice system, the Police and the Courts, and other
correctional agencies relate to and impact upon the correctional
Required Material

1. Clear & Cole. American Corrections, Latest (5th) Edition Wadsworth,
2.  A reading Packet-to be made available at Mr. Copy, 501 E. 10th
Street, and copies to be placed on Reserve in the main library

Assignments, Grading & Class Requirements

There will be 3 examinations (objective, mainly multiple choice and
some short answer questions) with questions taken from the texts and
class lectures), homework assignments-mainly involving exercises and
prison tours, and up to 10 pop quizzes.
Regular class attendance is expected and advance preparation for class
will significantly improve your chances of doing well in class.
Research suggests that most people learn better in a collaborative
learning process so this class will involve a significant amount of
active student participation.

Class Meeting:  Tuesday/Thursday, 2:30 - 3:45 p.m.,  OP 105

Course will satisfy:  Social/Historical Studies (SHSI)

Instructor:  George Kakoti, criminal justice department