Classical Studies | Lucretius
L430 | 0944 | Franklin

This course meets Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30A-10:45A in WH 204.

This semester the course comprises reading of the "De rerum natura" of
Lucretius.  Our focus will be the test, its robust Latin and its
particular version of Epicureanism, but we will also study the milieu
and the philosophical tradition that made Epicureanism and attractive
approach to the times.

There will be a midterm and a final examination, and students will
complete two "explications de texte".

Depending on class abilities, Latin readings will progress as follows:
"De rerum natura" i.1-1117; ii.1-61; iii.1-869; iv.1-25; v.1-90; vi.
1-42, 1138-1286.  As we consider portions of the text, there will also
be reading assignments from the critical corpus.